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Advice: Do not marry

She’s the most romantic detective of tv, but in real life STANA KATIC doesn’t believe in marriage at every cost.

By Beatrice Belli

Just for once Stana Katic, 36 years old, isn’t collecting evidence proofs or arresting a suspect : When she is playing Kate Beckett, the detective from the Tv-show Castle is definitely less sexy, despite of the always very tall heels, “I can stand on those stilts just thanks to practice and lot and lot of carefulness”, she explain introduce the sixth season that just started on RaiDue [note from translator: italian tv – that is one season behind] (on Saturday night prime time) In an age where tv-shows are complex like books, Castle conquered the audience (social network included : Stana has half of a million followers on Twitter) with a scheme almost rètro: homicide and investigations. The rest is made by chemistry, sentimental tension and the weird humor between the main actors: Castle, indeed, a writer in crises interested in homicides, and the detective interested in the writer. The season that just started should be the one of the wedding, at last. But as Stana says “A man should never wed his muse, it ruins the illusion”. So, Mr, Castle proposal happened but for the wedding card, we’ll see. In the while Stana, which is Canadian with Serbian origin, look beyond the serial that made her famous. She just has been in Italy where she worked on “The tourist” a florentine historical soccer/football [Note from translator: that’s depend if you’re American or English sorry! ] related movie: “we shooted several scenes in front of the David by Donatello. I don’t know how they will not rate the movie: all the statues had their family jewel on the wind” she jokes. A joke that her Castle would love.

This is the translation (by me so please forgive the error) of the Italian Vanity fair article. I don’t like it. It’s not just really not flattering at all, but Stana’s usually has a different “voice”. Plus the article is able to not say anything at all. I don’t even know if I’ll buy the newspaper.

Thank you very much anyways :)



Does the way she wakes him up here make you wonder how she wakes him up in the morning? Like, on mornings where they have to get going, but he was up late writing a chapter and she just wants him to know where she’s going if he wants to come with her. Or waking him up late at night, after she has come in from a long day at the precinct and she just wants to let him know that she’s home.


(Source: detectivesbeckett)

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